New journalism post on varsity

South Wales is green

Head coach Nick Keyse celebrating the Varsity win. Photo Credit-Harrison Andrews.

It was 11am on a warm Wednesday in Cardiff and the tension in the air could be cut with a knife. For Cardiff it was a nothing to lose game with the mighty Titans being a division above their Welsh counterparts.

As the game kicked off, it was greeted by a roar of both the teams fans reminiscent of a viking battle cry. Green and red jerseys clattered as both sidelines watched eagerly for the first score. Both teams were unable to score on their opening drives but that was soon to change.

The Titans took to the field and everything changed, the trenches became theirs. As the offensive line began to dominate, the running backs began to spread their legs and glide through the weary Cobras defence. As the game progressed the Titans began to wear the black paint of the Cobras helmets with pride, finishing every play with positive yards.

The  support of the travelling Swansea supporters seemed to be taken well by the Swansea Titans as they began to respond with touchdown after touchdown. Whilst the Titans seemed to respond well to the sunshine, the Cobras were not as appreciative of the rays as tensions began to boil.

As the game became more physical so did the players as players from both teams began to throw handbags to assert their dominance. Fortunately no punches were thrown but it certainly came close. By halftime the Titans were leading 28-0 at the Cobras’ snake pit and the sidelines were a complete juxtaposition.

The Cobras sideline was full of gloomy faces but the Titans sideline mimicked the dancing rays of the sun as their first half went perfectly. The second half would prove to be a better time for the Cobras as they were able to feed their hungry fans with a touchdown.

The Titans didn’t start the second half firing on all cylinders like their first half display but they were still able to finish strongly, winning 40-7 and retaining the Varsity Trophy.

Despite the strong win for the Titans, the team’s mood instantly dropped into the cut up ground as they realised this would be the last game for their indispensable head coach, Nick Keyse. As Keyse gave a farewell speech, it was replicant of a captain speaking to his battalion, one thing was clear, the Titans will never see a coach as good as the mighty Keyse. Roll Green Tide.


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